An Easy, Beautiful, Bombshell Worthy Spring Trend

Even as a stylist, when getting my hair done, the first thing I tell my good friend and colorist, Kristin, is “LOW MAINTENANCE!” Lucky for me, that seems to be the trend.

This spring, natural is in. Embrace your hair whether it’s a wave, or stick straight, whether mousy brown, or bleach blonde, it’s yours and it’s beautiful! But if in the mood for getting a little funky here’s how to accomplish that:


Some people claim the ombre is over, I say it’s in and it’s here to stay!

If you’re a brunette, add a gorgeous, warm weather glow to your hair by going a little lighter on the ends. I did it recently and I’m not looking back! Gives a fun and stylish look, and the best part is it’s the easiest color to maintain.

My personal favorite, Lily Aldridge: 

Blondes, enhance that hair that we brunettes are all so jealous of with some beautiful golden tones! 

For the blondes (Does it get better than this?), the one and only SJP: 

TIP: As the weather gets warmer and warmer, why not add a few more blonde pieces? 

The best part: it’s still you, natural, subtle and beautiful. PLUS get it done once, and there’s no upkeep! My favorite easy, fun, and simply gorgeous Spring trend.